What Success Means

Success in this case means a complete block fence with gate(s). 

Success also means a sovereign piece of land without intrusions or invasions. My feline family and I can have peace and security. We wish for nothing more. 

We have been given a moment's reprieve as a neighbor's son did a patch until a new block fence is built. The next door neighbor is never going to change. He will never be a responsible homeowner, but that does not mean I have to keep leaving with those consequences. 

I can change my stars. 

I can fundraise to finally bring safety and security to my yard and home.  

No more patches. No more dog attacks. No more stress. 

A boarded up fence will be a thing of the past with a new block fence.

You could save a life in the process. With a block fence, another cat will not be harmed and a human will not have to choose between her pet and someone else's out of control dog. 

That is a horrible position to be put in.

You can change that. Donate today. 

Thank you so much.