When you see bloody paw prints on your front door step, something in an animal lover just snaps. 

Anoushka's Bloody Paw
A photograph of that bloody paw is heart wrenching. I have this picture up to remind me of what I am fundraising for: not another bloody paw or print. Ever! 

I honestly thought that my foray into the fundraising world would be about ISBNs or an air conditioner I so desperately need, but fate had other plans.

We need to replace the 35 year old fence with a new block fence to secure our property and our lives.
Bloody Paw Prints

Please visit our: Block Fence for Anoushka Leigh to donate.

And, of course, please Like our: A Safe Place for Anoushka Leigh to stay in touch with our progress!

Much gratitude, thank you.