About Us

A Safe Place for Us is more than a fundraiser for a block fence; it is about having the one thing that has alluded our lives these past ten years:  peace and security.

Hello, my name is Dawn. I am the proprietress of this blog as well as a few others: Sonoran Dawn Studios and Undawnted.  Both endeavors are about hope and change and how the creative arts can bring this positive energy to the world. 

Sometimes even I need a little help. 

When I collapsed from the toxic affects of our environment, I was on the road to a better life. I was a paid lecturer. I was invited to panel discussions. I created and exhibited my brand of digital art. I had plans and no one was going to stop me.

A disabling illness nearly cost me my life and everyday I struggle just to exist. That will put on the brakes. It has taken me over ten years to reach a point of stability in my body's reactions where I can now publish my art, poetry, fiction and nonfiction writings. 

After my family abandoned me in April of 2011, I was alone for the first time and in the middle of a medical crisis. Alone and scared, I did everything I could to save myself until my financial situation turned around. Believe me, Food Stamps are a literal life saver. 

As my condition improved slightly, I do mean slightly since I am in bed 20 hours a day still, a mother cat happened into my life. Her name is Irene. A small four pound cat was looking for shelter and the universe had decided I was looking for a family. 

Irene and I had a similar background: we were both abandoned by our families and kicked to the curb for circumstances out of our control. After taking her in to be with my other spayed cat, Ivanka, I discovered she was pregnant. 

What was I to do? 

Irene had four beautiful baby kitties on April 18, 2013. One of her two daughters is the famed: Anoushka Leigh. Irene and Ivanka eventually went outside. Anoushka Leigh decided that too was the life for her. 

She lives in my garage and gated front porch. Safe, I thought from predators. Not so, since the next door neighbor will not mend his side of the fence. His renter's dogs, big and small, took over my yard no matter my protests and community action officer involvement. 

Now that the dogs have gone on the attack, I am now faced with funding an entire block fence project by myself, gates included. Disabled, on a fixed income, yeah... I need help! 

Anouhka's back foot was injured from her great escape attempt away from the dog horde, so a visit to the vet will also cost me out of pocket. Although the situation looks bad, it could have been worse. I intervened just in time before any one of those untrained dogs had gotten ahold of her. 

I am lucky I could save a member of my family from being killed. That is a blessing. I may not have much money or materialistic things, but I do have love. Kitty love. 

I only hope now that love reaches out to others so that my family and I can be for once: safe. 

Please consider donating.

Thank you.