Saturday, March 18, 2017

MIA, KIA in the USA

Cats will b cats, but that does not mean we miss them any less when they are gone.

Jimmy James has been Missing In Action (MIA) for over six weeks now. 

Chaun Elizabeth
Chaun has been gone for less time: about two weeks. I believe she is Killed In Action (KIA) because she would not leave my yard unless it was to bird. She slept in my patio and garage areas. Everytime I went outside, she greeted me. She was around for breakfast and dinner. 

Her mother lives next door. Her sister lives in my back yard most of the time. Both know Chaun is missing. 

I do not know why Chaun or Jimmy left the yard and did not return. What I can say is that if my block fence fundraiser had been funded in the autumn maybe I would not be saying good-bye to these two wonderful creatures now. 

A safe place is a comfortable place.  

So please consider donating to a Block Fence for Anoushka Leigh. It not only keeps felines safe but the disabled woman who lives here as well. We appreciate all you can do.

Thank you!