Friday, March 17, 2017

A Moving Castaway or Accident Victim?

I have written about James, my orange and white tabby, before. 

He is full of life. He is funny. He is loving. He is curious.

Since the neighbors left next door with their moving truck, I have not seen hide nor hair of my orange swirled cat. Coincidence? I do not believe the neighbors harmed him. He is a big kitty capable of making his own choices. 

But James has been gone since the beginning of February. I thought maybe he got caught up in a TNR trap because he is a boy and thinks with his stomach.

Now I am not so sure. I hope Jimmy James as I call him is okay. I hope he took a ride and is on his way back home. I call for him once at dinner time.

Please come home. 

A block fence is more important than ever now to keep the rest of my cat colony safe from harm.  James went missing when he usually lounged in my patio areas. 

You can make a difference in these cats' lives. Donate a few dollars today. 

Thank you for your time and funding of this very crucial project for A Safe Place for Us.