Monday, January 2, 2017

Still Not Safe

From one side of the fence, a homeowner can only do so much without the cooperation of the person on the other side. 

Over the holidays, one of the neighbor's dogs escaped and ended up back on my front patio. Alone, not in a pack, she was serene. Yet this great escape keeps highlighting the need for better security of the fence and property boundary. 

Their little girl is a nice dog, but does not belong in my yard. When I returned her to their front door, the renter sighed that the dog does not listen to him and he saw her go through a part of the fence that the patch couldn't reach. 

That is another issue: knowing and refusing to take responsibility on their part. 

What is a disabled person to do? 

With  your help I will finally be able to get a block fence and gate to keep my family and I safe in our own yard. 

Please consider donating to a Block Fence for Anoushka Leigh

Thank you. Your contribution to our cause could save a life.