Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Riley, the Onion Hoarder

Bombay kitties are a funny lot. 

These black cats love order and serenity. So when you decide to clean, Bombays decide to supervise! 

Riley Skye is my commander in chief, or, should I say: kitty in chief?! She watches me. She always has to watch me. From a closet or the hallway, Riley makes sure I am within view.

Riley Skye
I was cleaning the kitchen and living room areas when I felt someone watching me. Odd, I thought. When I looked up, there she was nestled all pretty behind the onions on the back counter.

The counters are a no-no. 

Like she gives a hoot! So I snapped a photo, because no one would ever believe Riley was an onion hoarder! 

Riley Skye, Anoushka Leigh's baby sister... what personalities they all have. 

Have a purrfect day!