Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mae is My Son

When one kitten in a litter is all white, you potentially have a Siamese on your hands. As Maeson grew, the darker colors started coming in. Now at three years old, he has all his markings, which by the way are exactly like his non-Siamese mother, Irene. 

Maeson Michael
Maeson is a loud advocate for what he wants. Dawn, I see the rim of the cat food bowl... FILL IT! Dawn, the water bowl has hair in it... CHANGE IT! He will go into a room and scream because he wants attention. Screaming, crying, and bellowing several times a time. 

There is no rest when Maeson is unhappy about something. 

He was named for a dear friend who died while I was gong to science fiction conventions. His name was Michael Mason. So I made sure that one of the kittens was his name sake.  

Anouska's little brother. He is always around. His bed is a towel and blankie on the chest of drawers beside my bed. 

As always, thank you for considering donating to our cause: A Black Fence for Anoushka Leigh

The fence not only safeguards the outside cats, but the inside ones as well because the neighbor's dogs have been inside my house too!

Thank you!