Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Kitty Safety

All the ghosts and goblins will be hunting for treats this evening. 

Outdoor pets will be frightened by all the costumes and knocks at the door. To make Halloween better for animals, dogs and cats, be sure to put them away for the night. Feed your outdoor pets early and allow them to stay in a well ventilated garage. 

Indoor pets will hide under their favorite bed or in the closet. Dogs should be placed in back rooms so they cannot have access to loud noises, strangers at the door, or anything out of the ordinary to cause fear. 

Pet owners should avoid making their pets' safe space a place with decorations or strange sounds. No fireworks should be used as part of outdoor festivities either. The less stress there is; the better off kitty or doggie will be. 

In my house the outdoors is where decorations stay except for the dinning room. Visitors can see my holiday spirit without making my feline associates uncomfortable or scared. 

I hope this helps bring safety and security to your pets while giving humans the chance to celebrate with candy and friends! 

Have a purrfect evening!