Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Safe Place for Us

Today, to find a safe place is a bit of a challenge.

When you are disabled, that challenge is more of an obstacle. With a neighbor who sets their dogs loose not only in their yard but in mine as well, safety has become a matter of urgency. 

Our shared fence is 35 year old. Before I had to repair my air condition unit, I tried to go half and half with him, but he blew me off. 

His apathy led to his renter's dogs coming through the dilapidated fence into my yard to chase my cats. One afternoon the dogs cornered my cat Anoushka, hence the name a Safe Place for Anoushka Leigh

In reality, the cause is bigger: it a Safe Place for Us. 

I am disabled. I am ill and unable to cope with wrangling the neighbor's dogs no matter how big or small. When Anoushka hurt her foot and could not escape from the barking horde, I had to step out of my house and into a very dangerous situation. 

Armed only with a yell and a pitcher full of cold water, I saved Anoushka and myself.