Saturday, October 29, 2016

A New Hope

Thank you! I do not have confirmation on who it was, but an anonymous donation came through and has paid for 1/3 of my block fence.

Anoushka Leigh looks out the window every day hoping to go back outside... the neighbor next door rents out his property and has to an unlicensed dog breeder. the dogs have broken down the old fence even further in order to go after my cats. Anoushka was hurt trying to get away from them. I intervened just in time. I am disabled by illness and running after dogs all hours of the day and night is a challenge all its own before I got a patch. But a huge THANK YOU to whoever you are.

When I was well I helped people. I bought clearance toys all year round for needy children to give to charity in the holiday season. I bought books for the local battered women's shelter. I never had to be asked; I always took care of my community.

Times have changed. I was just arguing with a neighbor on Nextdoor about throwing the homeless in jail like it was a sport. Such apathy and he was a psychologist!

I am glad the spirit of giving is not dead. Thank you again. You do not know how much your donation is prized and appreciated.

Thank you!