Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Kitty Safety

All the ghosts and goblins will be hunting for treats this evening. 

Outdoor pets will be frightened by all the costumes and knocks at the door. To make Halloween better for animals, dogs and cats, be sure to put them away for the night. Feed your outdoor pets early and allow them to stay in a well ventilated garage. 

Indoor pets will hide under their favorite bed or in the closet. Dogs should be placed in back rooms so they cannot have access to loud noises, strangers at the door, or anything out of the ordinary to cause fear. 

Pet owners should avoid making their pets' safe space a place with decorations or strange sounds. No fireworks should be used as part of outdoor festivities either. The less stress there is; the better off kitty or doggie will be. 

In my house the outdoors is where decorations stay except for the dinning room. Visitors can see my holiday spirit without making my feline associates uncomfortable or scared. 

I hope this helps bring safety and security to your pets while giving humans the chance to celebrate with candy and friends! 

Have a purrfect evening! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jack of All Trades

Anoushka's baby brother is the biggest of the litter.

Jack Liam
He is black and white with a pink nose and bright yellow eyes. The color of his eyes, and his sisters': Riley and Anoushka, are the same as their mother Irene's irises. 

Demonstrative, Jack is always loving and showing his affection for everyone. He washes Riley. He talks to me. 

But Anoushka cannot play any of the kitty's reindeer games. She now has a metaphoric red nose. Her foot and fear keep her cooped up in my back room. 

I know she misses being with her litter mates, but I know her fondest wish is to chase bugs all night long by the front door step. 

If you can help, please consider donating so that Anoushka can play again without fear of being attacked by the neighbor's dogs.

Thank you! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A New Hope

Thank you! I do not have confirmation on who it was, but an anonymous donation came through and has paid for 1/3 of my block fence.

Anoushka Leigh looks out the window every day hoping to go back outside... the neighbor next door rents out his property and has to an unlicensed dog breeder. the dogs have broken down the old fence even further in order to go after my cats. Anoushka was hurt trying to get away from them. I intervened just in time. I am disabled by illness and running after dogs all hours of the day and night is a challenge all its own before I got a patch. But a huge THANK YOU to whoever you are.

When I was well I helped people. I bought clearance toys all year round for needy children to give to charity in the holiday season. I bought books for the local battered women's shelter. I never had to be asked; I always took care of my community.

Times have changed. I was just arguing with a neighbor on Nextdoor about throwing the homeless in jail like it was a sport. Such apathy and he was a psychologist!

I am glad the spirit of giving is not dead. Thank you again. You do not know how much your donation is prized and appreciated.

Thank you!

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Little Piece of Peace

Anoushka would like to go back outside, but she has some emotional trauma to work through still. 

When she hears a dog bark outside, she cowers down and growls and growls. Poor kitty. Dogs are not the friendliest. 

I do not want to let her out in the front porch area again even with the temporary fence repair until the block fence is up, but I am still waiting on donations for that project. I cannot trust the dogs will not find another way into my yard. 

My garage and front porch are not in the line of sight of the neighbor's back yard, but there is no way to stop the dogs by the side of the house. 

The waiting will continue... 

If you like this blog and any of our articles, please share them and donate five or ten dollars. We could really use a safe place to live on our own property. 

Thank you so much. 

Have a purrfect day! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Attack of Blue Cat Cafe

Some people in this world have no idea about helping animals. 

A contingent of groups upset that a local mom and pop establishment went out of business has decided to attack the new proprietors: Blue Cat Cafe

The problem does not lie in the new business; it lies in the fact that the community did not support the old business. If you would like to protect your neighborhood businesses, then shop there. If you don't participate, then they too will go out of business. It's called economics. 

So support Blue Cat Cafe. This business helps the Humane Society adopt out cats. 

Have a purrfect day! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitty Cat Dreams and Sanctuary Realities

I have always wanted to make a safe place for my feline family.

A cat enclosure so they can go in and out of my study without fear from wild animals or human thieves. I have never had the resources.

I have done research on the subject and even pinned a few DYI projects in the past. 

It would be nice to make sure my furrends and I are safe. 

Have a purr kind of a day! 


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Safe Place for Us

Today, to find a safe place is a bit of a challenge.

When you are disabled, that challenge is more of an obstacle. With a neighbor who sets their dogs loose not only in their yard but in mine as well, safety has become a matter of urgency. 

Our shared fence is 35 year old. Before I had to repair my air condition unit, I tried to go half and half with him, but he blew me off. 

His apathy led to his renter's dogs coming through the dilapidated fence into my yard to chase my cats. One afternoon the dogs cornered my cat Anoushka, hence the name a Safe Place for Anoushka Leigh

In reality, the cause is bigger: it a Safe Place for Us. 

I am disabled. I am ill and unable to cope with wrangling the neighbor's dogs no matter how big or small. When Anoushka hurt her foot and could not escape from the barking horde, I had to step out of my house and into a very dangerous situation. 

Armed only with a yell and a pitcher full of cold water, I saved Anoushka and myself.