Thursday, July 20, 2017

Still Waiting for Someone Like You

Anoushka hopes for a safe place to play!
It is summer in the Sonoran Desert. The sun is hot. The air is dry... until monsoon season. Then the windy, rainy, muggy conditions are obtrusive. 

A storm last Saturday ripped some vinyl fencing from my front yard. The piece was decorative, but now is wobbly.

Thanks, Mother Nature!

With each passing storm, I wait for the backyard's wooden fence to deteriorate further. Then there would be no barrier between my neighbor's dogs and my cats. If I did not feel safe before, I really do not feel safe now. 

But you can help. A donation to our fundraiser: A Block Fence for Anoushka would be most appreciated. 

We would like a block fence so our neighbor's dogs, renters, and parties do not continue to spill onto my private property. 

Everyone deserves A Safe Place. 

Your donation will go a long way in creating that for my cats and I.

Thank you!